PORTFOLIO - Sarah Piercy

FIRST YEAR- 2021-2022

Project 1.1 - Analysis

The goal of this exercise, our first architecture project, was to represent in plan, elevation and section an iconic architect’s house. I worked in pair on the Villa Alem, by Valerio Olgiati.


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Project 1.2 - Unusual habitat

For this project, we were instructed to create an unusual habitat, made of stone and wood, on a particular site: the old quarries of Villebois, in Ain. 

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Project 1.3 - Baths on the quays of Saone

In this exercise, we worked for a six-month period on a project to create "baths", with a minimum of 3,000 m³ of water, on the quays of Saône.

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SECOND YEAR- 2022-2023

Project 2.1 - Three spaces

During this two-week exercise, we were instructed to create three abstract spaces.

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Project 2.2 - A pavilion in nine squares

In this exercise, which took place over a month, our goal was to start from a square base, divided into nine cells, thus creating a framework that will be the basis of our pavilion. 

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Project 2.3 - Five Housings

An urban project practice that responds to a program, which must lead to a reflection on density, morphology, urban continuity, the fabric, as well as on the living space, its habitability, its adaptability and its scalability...

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