Les cinq logements

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​An urban project practice that responds to a program, which must lead to a reflection on density, morphology, urban continuity, the fabric, as well as on the living space, its habitability, its adaptability and its scalability....

​The site offers an urban location in a residential area of Lyon 3rd, at the corner of avenue Lacassagne and rue Trarieux. The built environment is characterized by a variety of apartment buildings, individual houses, a small public garden, rare shops and local amenities.  The program, meanwhile, proposes a reflection on the intermediate habitat as a new mode of living, between collective and individual. 

​In order to implement as logically as possible the five dwellings, I decided to follow three axes: the boundary of the buildings on avenue Lacassagne, the horizontal axis of the rue Trarieux and the vertical axis of the cours Eugénie. For this project, I decided to adopt 2 systems of urban integration: make barrier, especially on rue Trarieux and on the top of avenue Lacassagne, and open, especially thanks to the large central garden.
​To create a more intimate residence, protected from public space and busy roads, I create vegetated moats and surrounded the plot with fences.
Within the residence, the houses are grouped in three zones, leaving between them areas of passage and garden, thus creating breaths within the built.
​As for the houses, they are T4 units, with a surface varying between 90m2 and 130m2. They are all at least adjoined by a wall to another house.
For the facades, one can observe a play on the dimensions of the bays, while follows common measures and a frame specific to each building. 
These are designed to adapt to the very structure of the houses, which are made of massive stone.
​Inside, it is necessary to emphasize the importance of the living rooms, highlighted with either double heights or large bays to bring as much light as possible. 

 Model of the houses on Avenue Lacassagne
Model of the project inside the plot

Aerial view of the model, scale 1/500

project isometry / site mass plan with project / cross-section CC' 

Overall plans on three levels: G.F/ F.F / S.F

AA' Section  / BB' Section / CC' Section

Sketchup views