An Unusual habitat, Villebois

For this project, we were instructed to create an unusual habitat, made of stone and wood, on a particular site: the old quarries of Villebois, in Ain. 
I imagined a retreat space for painters, composed of three spaces: a workshop, a common space and a sleeping area. It is a project that offers a special relationship with its environment thanks to its openness to nature and its horizontality.

Here's the narrative of my project :

"In a world where everything is accelerating, where the notion of hand-to-mouth existence is no longer a utopia, it becomes necessary to refocus on ourselves. This is all the more true for artists, exhausted by all this monotony. A painter named René decided to create his own sanctuary, a retreat space for artists like him. This place will be dedicated not only to reconnecting with oneself, but also to nature and the infinite space that surrounds us, in order to improve our cognitive abilities and produce an art more in line with our vision of the world. To do so, the sanctuary will attach great importance to gardens and outdoor spaces, with the aim of being in almost fusion with its surroundings. A panoramic view of the mountains and the Rhone will provoke a feeling of immensity, which can be offset by framing. Natural light will be necessary for the inspiration of the artists, and will take an essential place within the buildings. The spaces will be open to the outside, but intimate enough to leave each individual his personal space of creation. Common spaces will be necessary, to highlight the socialization and knowledge exchange. Nevertheless, isolated spaces will be made available for the inspiration of painters."

Mass Plan
Model of the site
Landscape section & site plan
Ground plan & section
Final Model
Mass plan, elevation & section