Baths on the quays of Saone, Lyon, 2022

In this exercise, we worked for a six-month period on a project to create "baths", with a minimum of 3,000 m³ of water, on the quays of Saône. We had at our disposal a rather unusual site, since the majority of the project was located underground, with access on one side to a public square, and on the other to the quays of Saône. I decided to experiment by creating thermal baths, on two levels, with a very organic architecture. I also worked with the concept of natural light, creating a large glass façade and skylights, as well as with the relationship between public and private space, by reorganizing the Albon Square.

I had the opportunity to work with new uses of representation, such as hand-drawn axonometry or photomontage with Photoshop.

If we were to summarize the project in 5 words, it would be: organic, circular, thermal, clarity and relaxation.

Ground plans


Axonometric Section


Elevation with neighbourhood view